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27/11/2022 – B(A)D News #62

Welcome back to Bad News, the monthly English-language podcast from the international A-Radio Network. This month you’ll hear five short segments from two member projects.

  • Anarchists involved in the Stop Camp Grayling Offensive, a land defense project in the state of so-called Michigan, USA, to double the size of what is already largest military and police training facility on the continent. Hear the rest of the November 6th episode of The Final Straw. [00:02:43 – 00:13:13]
  • Then, Frequenz-A shares an interview with anarchists organizing against the 41 bis hard prison regime in Italy and the hunger strike spreading among anarchist prisoners, Alfredo Cospito, Anna Beniamino, Juan Sorroche Fernandez and Ivan Alocco (in France). On November 23rd there will be a demonstration in front of the Italian embassy in Berlin in solidarity with the hunger strikers and against 41 bis. You can find info about the protest on the telegram channel “No41bis”. [00:13:20 – 00:24:43]
  • Following this, you’ll hear Josh Davidson of the Certain Days: Freedom for Political calendar collective, who gives a brief update on the cases of Choctaw and Cherokee prisoner Oso Blanco as well as anarchist prisoner Eric King. More from this conversation can be found in our November 13th, 2022 episode of The Final Straw, linked in our show notes. [00:24:49 – 00:28:42]
  • Next, Frequenz-A speaks with Lölja Nordic a leftist anarchist from the Feminist Anti-War Resistance from St. Petersburg, Russia, to speak about the international, feminist, anti-war movement against the Russian war in Ukraine. You can find that telegram channel at t.me/femagainstwar in Russian. [00:28:49 – 00:41:50]
  • Finally, you’ll hear Zachariah Jazz from so-called Albuquerque, New Mexico in the southwest USA talking about mutual aid and the distribution of diy alcohol-burning heaters for homeless people with the project ABQHeaterBloc as appeared on the November 13th Final Straw. [00:42:06 – end]