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30/10/2022 – B(A)D NEWS #61

Welcome to the 61st episode of Bad News, Angry Voices From Around The World, the monthly, English-language podcast from member projects of the International A-Radio Network. This month, we feature audios from comrades at:

A-Radio Berlin will share their conversation with Anarchist Black Cross Belarus from their 2022 European fundraising infotour;
Free Social Radio 1431 AM in Thessaloniki, Greece, about a few femicides, Golden Dawn fascists in the courts, the evictions at Strefi Hill in Athens, and the police murder of 16 year old cyclist;
Frequenz-A has an interview about a new squat in Ljubljana known as PLAC;
Finally, we’ll share a small portion of the conversation we at The Final Straw Radio with a member of the Federation of Anarchism Era about the uprising across Iran sparked by the police murder of Zhina Amini, aka Mahsa Amini.

Anmerkung: Das Interview des letzten Beitrags war bereits im A-Radio zu hören.

25/09/2022 – Interview with iranian anarchists & Bad News 60

This episode features an audio-recorded version of an interview conducted by Black Rose/Rosa Negra with comrades from so-called Iran associated with the Federation of Anarchism Era. The interview was conducted just days after the murder of Mahsa Aminis by the morality police and the outbreak of protests all over Iran.
In addition, this episode features the new Bad News Episode 60!

24/07/2022 B(A)D NEWS #58

Wir freuen uns Episode 58 der BAD NEWS Radioshow senden zu dürfen. Davor und danach gibts Musik von Ceschi und ganz am Ende G.L.O.S.S. Hier die Ankündigung: This episode 58 of “B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world”, a news program from the international network of anarchist and antiauthoritarian radios, shows and podcasts, consisting of short news segments from different parts of the world. This episode was hosted by the Anarchist Radio Berlin.
In this episode the contributions are coming from:
Črna Luknja – anarchist radio show on Radio Student from Ljubljana with an interview on the topic of antifascism in Japan. On the 22nd Antifa festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, they had the chance to talk with Gregor, a researcher and activisit very familiar with the autonomous movements in Japan.
Frequenz A with an interview with an anarchist refugee who lived many years in Ukraine
after fleeing from Putins Russia. The complete interview can be found here.
The Final Straw Radio presents part of an interview with BOAK, or the Anarchist Communist Combat Organization, a Russia-based group advocating sabotage and guerrilla struggle and the development of a social revolution against authoritarian regimes in eastern Europe. A-Radio Berlin with part of a recording of an info event held by the Migrant Strikers Berlin on the connections between the war in Ukraine and the turkish state aggression in Rojava. Links & weitere Infos auf unserem Blog.

23/01/2022 Bad News #52 Angry Voices from around the World

Welcome to the 52th edition of B(A)D news: angry voices from around the world, a commonly produced monthly show of the anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio network, on this occasion composed by Črna Luknja, anarchist show on Radio Student from Slovenia.

In this episode we will hear contributions from:

Črna Luknja, radio show collective on Radio Študent prepared an interview with a participant in the anarchist publishing network CrimethInc. about the recent fire that hit its central distribution centre. More about how to offer support and mutual aid: https://crimethinc.com/2021/12/17/help-us-recover-from-a-catastrophic-fire-burnt-down-but-not-out

Anarchist Radio Berlin is presenting part of an interview with comrades from the Syrena collective in Warsaw about the antifeminist attack on their squat in December 2021. You’ll find the complete version of the interview here: https://www.aradio-berlin.org/warsaw-the-attack-on-the-queer-feminist-syrena-squat-in-the-end-of-2021/

The Final Straw Radio (from southern Appalachia in the so-called US) shares a brief portion of a soon-to-be-released interview with Robin Goldman, a member of Tekosina Anarsist, or Anarchist Struggle, a collective of combat medics participating in the Rojava Revolution. In this part, Robin speaks about the current situation in Rojava in terms of Turkish aggression, the medical work that TA is doing and some about the structure of the group. Stay tuned to TheFinalStrawRadio.Noblogs.Org soon for the full interview, alongside a transcription and zine for easy printing and sharing. You can learn more about TA by visiting their website, TekosinaAnarsist.NoBlogs.Org

Elephant in the Room from Dresden presents a short overview of what happened recently in Kazakhstan and how the things are right now for the protesters.

Free social radio 1431AM, Thessaloniki, Greece – about eviction of squat in Biology faculty and other news from Greece.

Links auf unserem Blog: a-radio.net

19/12/2021 – Bad News #51 – Angry Voices from around the World

Welcome to episode 51 of Angry voices from around the world”, a program from the international network of anarchist and antiauthoritarian radios, consisting of short news segments from different parts of the world. A-Radio Berlin
about the fascist attack of Halle two years after. The Final Straw Radio:
Daniel Baker is an anarchist and antifascist activist currently serving a 44 month sentence for calling for armed opposition to a threatened right-wing, Trumpist coup in the capitol of Florida in the so-called USA in January 2021. Frequenz A radio collective shares a update about the case of so called chelyabinsk (russia) anarchists – Dmitry Tsibukovsky and Anastasia Safonova.
Free Social Radio 1431AM bringing us News from Greece (cn: femicides)
Črna Luknja from Radio Študent from Ljubljana, Slovenia, prepared an interview with comrades from Bulgaria about recent neonazi and police attacks on the antiauthoritarian community.
Anarchist Radio Vienna talks about 2 anarchist longterm prisoners which are held by the German State since 25 and 35 years.
Links, additional info, prisoner adresses and tracklist check our website: a-radio.net

21/11/2021 – BAD NEWS #50 & Angry Music

Wir freuen und Ausgabe #50 des BAD NEWS Podcasts zu senden. Davor und danach gibts noch ein wenig wütende Musik! Hier die Originalankündigung: Welcome to the 50th edition of B(A)D news: angry voices from around the world, a commonly produced monthly show of the anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio network, on this occasion composed by Črna Luknja, anarchist show on Radio Student from Slovenia. In this episode we will hear contributions from: – The Final Straw Radio (from southern Appalachia in the so-called US) shares a portion of their interview with members of Asheville Survival Program, an Abolitionist food distribution project operating for about a year and a half there. This conversation covers some of the nuts and bolts of the group and to hear an hour-long interview covering topics like burnout, propaganda, navigating around non-profits as a non-non-profit and mutual aid versus charity, you can check out the whole episode at their website. – Radio Show Elephant in the Room from Dresden reporting on last updates on the situation with repression against the opponents of dictatorship in Belarus, focusing on current situation with anarchists and the ways to support the radical movement. – FrequenzA, podcast from Northern Germany made an interview about the situation at the polish/belarusian border. – Črna Luknja, radio show collective on Radio Študent from Ljubljana, Slovenia, prepared an interview about the situation of political refugees in the Western Balkan. – Anarchist Radio Berlin prepared a report presenting some of the recent cases of racist police violence to show their continuity and to also put out a call for a coming demonstration on the matter of the murder of Giorgos zantiotis in a wuppertal police cell. –FrequenzA (again:) prepared an interview with workers from Domino’s Pizza in struggle.
Tracklist on our blog: a-radio.net

27/06/2021 – Frage der Solidarität & BAD NEWS #46

Die Sendung besteht aus 2 Teilen. Der erste Teil ist eine Kritik oder Frage der Solidarität im aktuellen Verfahren um den RAZ/RL/radikal Komplex von Criminals for Freedom.Der zweite Teil ist die aktuelle Ausgabe der BAD NEWS:
Greetings comrades to this, the 46th mostly monthly episode of Bad News, Angry Voices from Around the World.
This month, you’ll hear updates from Free Social Radio 1431 AM in Thessaloniki, Greece speaking on The trial of the anarchist Vaggelis Stathopoulos. the recent labor bill and the new obligatory shared custody law.
Next, you’ll hear an interview by A-Radio Berlin with comrades of Horn Anarchists on the situation in Ethiopia and war on the people of Tigray.
Followed by RadioZones of Subversive Expression in Athens sharing news of demonstrations against sexual harassment on public transit, changes in policy of public servants witnessing in court against members of the population, and struggles against the greenwashing of dispossession and infrastructure projects in Agrafa.
Finally, the lovelies at Frequenz-A share a longer interview sharing the perspectives of a student in Colombia about the current fracas against police, austerity, covid and for radical change.

07/02/2021 – BAD NEWS #42

Die aktuelle 42. Episode von Bad News – angry voices from around the world, der Gemeinschaftssendung des internationalen Netzwerks anarchistischer und antiautoritärer Radios bringt folgende Beiträge [in Englischer Sprache]:

1) Crna Luknja (Slowenien) mit einem Solidaritätsaufruf für die Rog Factory, ein besetztes soziale Zentrum in Ljubljana, das nach 15 Jahren des Bestehens von Polizei und Securities brutal geräumt wurde.

2) Free social radio (Griechenland) berichtet von der Einrichtung eines Solidaritätsfonds für die Unterstützung von revolitionären politischen Gefangenen in Griechenland und über Dimitris Koufontinas, ehemals Mitglied der revolutionären Organisation 17. November, der sich in Hungerstreik gegen die willkürliche Verschärfung seiner Haftbedingungen befindet.

3) Elephant in the Room (Deutschland) bringt Ausschnitte eines Interviews mit zwei Anarchist_innen aus Russland, mit einer Einschätzung der aktuellen Massenproteste in Russland und deren Auslöser, des inhaftierten rechten Oppositionspolitikers Alexey Nawalny.

4) Das Anarchistische Radio Berlin erinnert in seinem Beitrag an den anarchistischen Revolutionär Peter Kropotkin, anlässlich der hundertsten Jahrzeit seines Todes am 8. Febraur 1921.

Und noch eine Ankündigung für kommenden Samstag, den 13. Februar 2021: von 14:00 bis 20:00 Uhr gibt es einen Livestream einer kollektiven Radiosendung von anarchistischen Radios aus der ganzen Welt!

Als dies und mehr zu finden auf der Website des anarchistischen und antiautoitären Radionetzwerks unter a-radio-network.org.

27/12/2020 – BAD NEWS #41

In dieser Sendung hört ihr eine gekürzte Version der Dezemberausgabe von Bad News. Die ganze Folge könnt ihr auf a-radio-network.org finden.
Hier der Überblick über die Sendung: Welcome to the 41st edition of B(A)D news: angry voices from around the world, a commonly produced monthly show of the anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio network, on this occasion composed by Črna Luknja, anarchist show on Radio Student from Slovenia.
In this episode we will hear contributions from: FrequenzA – A short round up about the struggle at “Danneröder Forst” in the district called Hessen. (germany); Asamblea Anarquista Valparaiso – Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the rebellion and slaughter of 81 prisoners in San Miguel prison in Santiago de Chile. (chile); Črna Luknja – is reporting on situation considering homeless situation in the capital city Ljubljana and involvement of self-organized anti-authoritarian initiative. (slovenia); Radiozones of Subversive Expressions – is sharing a report from streets and squares of Athens and approaches of political establishment towards anti-authoritarian movement and society on general. (greece); Radiofragmata – reporting on the events of 6th of December in so-called Greece. (greece); Free social radio 1431AM – is contributing an update about the situation in Greek prisons during the CoVID-19 pandemic. (greece); Dissident Island from London in the soon not to be so United Kingdom – brings another round-up of happenings from across the land covering animal rights, workers’ struggles, eco-activism and anti-militarism. (uk);

27/09/2020 – BAD NEWS #38

Ein 90er Deutschpunk-intro und sich etwas beschweren am Anfang. Dann kommt die #38 der BAD NEWS: Welcome to the 38th edition of Bad News. This is our Angry Voices From Around The World for September 2020. We feature reports from the international network of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios including: – Radiofragmata (Athens, Greece) on direct actions, environmental struggles and the upcoming anniversary of the death of Pavlos Fyssas. One of his songs is featured at the end of their segment. Rest In Power Killah P!; – The Anarchist Radio Berlin in conversation with comrades from the “Burning Arks” collective, discussing solidarity work around a police operation not so well known outside of Spain, called “Operation Ark”, which took place in May of 2019; – Dissident Island Radio from London with a short roundup of union wins, animal action, eco-wars and acab ammo from a largely wet august on the steadily sinking ship that is the so called United Kingdom; – Radiozones of Subversive Expression contribute reports about the fire that recently devastated the Moria refugee camp and the evacuation of the Rosa Nera squat; – Frequenz A with a short report about the ongoing struggle against gentrification in Leipzig (Germoney); – Free Social Radio 1431AM from Thessaloniki with updates about the eviction of Terra Incognita squat, the invasion of cops in Libertatia squat and comrades in hunger strike and the martyr Ebru Timtik in Turkey.

23/08/2020 – “Identität ist Krise” & B(A)D News#37

In dieser Sendung hört ihr den Text “Identität ist Krise” zu finden in der neuen Ausgabe des Ramasuri, das Magazin für die Revolte. Zu finden auch hier: https://ramasuri.blackblogs.org/ Weiters hört ihr die neueste und 37te Ausgabe von B(a)d News – Angry Voices from around the world mit folgenden Inhalt: 1. A call for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners (23.-30.8.2020); 2. Radio Fragmata (Athens): * Updates from so-called Greece; 3. Anarchist Assembly Valparaíso (Chile) * Statement on the current imprisonment of two comrades; 4. FrequenzA * An interview about the Coordinating (prisoner support) group 18th of October in Chile; 5. A-Radio Berlin (Germany) * A summary of the ongoing Mapuche hungerstrike in Chile;
Ebenfalls hier zu finden: https://www.a-radio-network.org/

19/07/2020 – BAD NEWS #36 & Kolektiva.media – a new anarchist videohosting alternative

Die Sendung hat 2 Teile: Interview von A-Radio Berlin mit dem Kolektiva.media videohosting Kollektiv; BAD NEWS #36: 1) Radio-zones of Subversive Expression (Athens) about: media foundation by the Greek goverment during the quarntine, the police violence in Exarchia some days after a squat eviction, the violence and eviction of Victoria square; 2) Črna Luknja is contributing an antireport from Slovenian unrests, that in the middle of march, because of the virus started with drumming on balconies, went on the bicycles and ended up on foot, against the right-wing government with authoritarian, neoliberalistic and nationalistic intentions; 3) Free Social Radio 1431AM (Thessaloniki) about: the arrest of two anarchist comrades in Thessaloniki, the latest developments on the shutdown and reconnection of espiv.net’s server, the violence and eviction of Victoria square; 4) A-radio Berlin: Stop the eviction of the collective bar Syndikat: “In the context of a possible summer of evictions of collective bars, house projects and youth centers in Berlin, the Anarchist Radio Berlin wants to help make it instead a summer of resistance.”; 5) Radiofragmata (Athens) with news from Greece;
6) FrequenzA with an interview with somebody from solikomitee 1007 about the street festival “resist-2” about the festival, the resistance against the deportation in the past and the trial against two persons who where part of it; 7) Dissident Island Radio: a round-up of UK-related ‘B(A)D News’

28/06/2020 – Statement zu faschistischen Angriffen & B(A)D News #35

1) Hier die Stellungnahme “Einiger aus dem EKH” 2) B(A)D News #35; Contents: 1) The Final Straw Radio show in occupied Tsalagi land in Southern Appalachia, US, got to connect with Rosemary, who is an organizer in Minneapolis, about the liberation of Sanctuary Hotel, a former Sheraton Hotel in that city, and its slow but steady transformation into something that is becoming so much more than a housing cooperative. They speak about how this resocialization came to happen, some of the circumstances involved, about how this is a very deep collaboration between un-housed folks in Minneapolis and people involved in doing care work, the power of George Floyd who was profoundly involved in doing that same kind of care work with un-housed people, and many many more topics; 2) A-Radio Berlin interviewing on a new feminist campaign in Germany to raise awareness to the abortion topic; 3) Radiofragmata (Athens) with updates on the general situation, the movement and the struggles in greek territory; 4) Invisible Radio (Greece) with some news by the voices of the voiceless (refugees/migrants); 5) R.O.S.E. (Athens) with news from Greece.