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08/05/2016 – Solidarity Assembly for Political Prisoners, Imprisoned & Persecuted Fighters /CCF Trial and more …

The Radio show is dedicated to political prisoners in greece to those who fight against prisons and the prison society, regardless if from inside or outside. Main part of the show is an interview with the Solidarity Assembly for political prisoners & imprisoned and prosecuted fighters, a group located in Athens. Eventually this radio show includes counter information but moreover it is a link to connect anarchists from different countrys no matter how many borders and how much barbed wire we find between use, no matter if the walls which are between us are made from bricks or bulletproof glas.
We speak in english during this show althoug it is not our native language. The interview was  actually made in greek and afterwards translated in english. One of the main  subjects is the trial against 22 anarchists in Korydallos in Greece. We try to give you an idea or an impression what is going on in the anarchist movement in terms of repression, armed struggle and solidarity with those who are chased by the state.
The transcription of the interview will be published soon!