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23/07/2023 – Prisoner Support (Dan Baker, Mongoose Distro, Pushing Down The Walls)

Wir haben wieder mal eine Sendung des großartigen The Final Straw Radio Podcasts übernehmen, diesmal zum Thema Gefangenenunterstützung vom 02.07.2023. Die gesamte Sendung ist auf Englisch. Hier die Originalankündigung: This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with supporters of incarcerated anarchist and antifascist, Dan Baker about the case and the support fundraiser. In the conversation, Dan’s friend Eric and Dan’s partner Pinky are joined by the main person behind Mongoose distro talks about publishing radical prisoner while 2 members of Orange County Anarchist Black Cross (Big Cartel shop) talk about the ABC Federation War Chest, the upcoming Pushing Down The Walls burpee challenge and the efforts of indigenous anarchist prisoner Oso Blanco to support indigenous children’s education and the book of poetry and short fiction he recently co-authored entitled The Blue Agave Revolution: Poetry of the Blind Rebel. **Just a headsup, after the interview took place, Daniel Baker started using they/them pronouns, so during this conversation we’re using the incorrect pronouns.** More infos, links and tracklist on our blog: a-radio.net

30/04/2023 – Bad News #67

Welcome to 67th edition of BAD NEWS, Angry Voices from Around the World, which is a monthly news program produced by international network of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios. This month we have contributions from three radio projects. A-Radio Berlin spoke to a comrade from the anarchist feminist anti-prison alliance, who organizes the annual protest rally in front of the women’s prison in Chemnitz, a small town in Eastern Germany. The focus of the conversation were: hardships of unionizing inside German prisons and the importance of building connections and creating empowering moments together. The second piece is from Kilavo Seme, a show on Radio Študent Ljubljana, which spoke with an activist from Quelili collective about their interesting and a bit crazy idea to buy a ship which would connect europe and latin america to fight, among other things, for climate justice and against colonization. Finally The Final Straw Radio is sharing a portion of a new interview with supporters of 4 people facing up to 12 years in US federal prison for alleged after-hours graffiti at a fake abortion clinic near to Miami in the state of Florida in the wake of the Supreme Court removal of the protection of legal right to choose abortion, laws limiting access for trans people to health care and public participation, and other regressive steps across the so-called USA. This Bad News has been put together by Črna luknja in Ljubljana.

03/07/2022 – Queer Perspectives on the War in Ukraine

Audio-Mitschnitt einer Infoveranstaltung im EKH vom 09.06.2022 mit gleichnamigen Titel.
Sendung is komplett in englisch. Das ist die gekürzte Radiofassung

19/12/2021 – Bad News #51 – Angry Voices from around the World

Welcome to episode 51 of Angry voices from around the world”, a program from the international network of anarchist and antiauthoritarian radios, consisting of short news segments from different parts of the world. A-Radio Berlin
about the fascist attack of Halle two years after. The Final Straw Radio:
Daniel Baker is an anarchist and antifascist activist currently serving a 44 month sentence for calling for armed opposition to a threatened right-wing, Trumpist coup in the capitol of Florida in the so-called USA in January 2021. Frequenz A radio collective shares a update about the case of so called chelyabinsk (russia) anarchists – Dmitry Tsibukovsky and Anastasia Safonova.
Free Social Radio 1431AM bringing us News from Greece (cn: femicides)
Črna Luknja from Radio Študent from Ljubljana, Slovenia, prepared an interview with comrades from Bulgaria about recent neonazi and police attacks on the antiauthoritarian community.
Anarchist Radio Vienna talks about 2 anarchist longterm prisoners which are held by the German State since 25 and 35 years.
Links, additional info, prisoner adresses and tracklist check our website: a-radio.net

17/10/2021 – Elephant in the Room: Queer Uprising in Poland

Im letzten Jahr waren feministischer und queer-feministischer Protest in Polen sehr präsent. In Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass Polen ein sehr konservatives und katholisches Land ist, war dies eine ziemlich große Mobilisierung und ein Schub in Richtung Selbstorganisation. Der Protest war mit zwei Aspekten verbunden, zum einen mit der Änderung des Anti-Abtreibungsgesetzes und zum anderen mit der zunehmenden homophoben Propaganda.
In diesem Interview mit einem Transgender-Anarchist aus Warzaw blicken wir zurück und sprechen über den queeren Aufstand, die Repression und die Auswirkungen auf die queere Bewegung. Die gesamte Sendung ist auf Englisch. Tracklist & Links auf unserer Website

26/09/2021 – War on Anarchists in Greece

Greece’s War on Anarchists. At the beginning of March 2021, the streets of Athens exploded. After months of repressive lockdown measures and a hunger strike by well-known Greek political prisoner, Dimitris Koufontinas, the atmosphere was akin to a pressure cooker and the inevitable rupture was enormous, even by Greek standards. To gain some perspective on the goings on, we checked in with Tasos, an Anarchist from the Void Network. His interview touches on everything from the history and current context in Exarcheia, to the influence played by social media and #MeToo on the Greek political situation.

19/09/2021 – Coffee with Comrades: “Fire to the Prisons!” ft. Scott Branson & Jacques de la Haye

Für diese Ausgabe des A-Radios haben wir eine weitere Episode von Coffee with Comrades leicht gekürzt übernommen. Am Ende wäre eigentlich nochmal das Interview auf französisch aber dies ist aus Zeitgründen komplett weggefallen.

Hier die original Ankündigung:

On this week’s edition of Coffee with Comrades, we’re doing something a little special. In the first part of Ep. 141, I sat down with Scott Branson to talk about the new English language version of a book they translated for AK Press, The Abolition of Prison, by French revolutionary and prison abolitionist Jacques de la Haye. Scott and I talked about their work translating the new edition, the capaciousness of anarchism and abolition, as well as the cancerous forms of carceral logic that plague the left even to this day. In the second part, I include an English language rendition of a conversation with Jacques de la Haye himself! Links auf unserer Webseite: a-radio.net

15/08/2021 – Kesha Niya – No Border No Problem

This episode is fully recorded in english. This episode is recorded by friends from the anarchist collective Kesha Niya and edited by Anarchistisches Radio Wien. Kesha Niya (Sorani Kurdish for ‘No Problem’) is a grassroots volunteer-run project and collective. Kesha Niya works in solidarity with people on the move to and within Europe and are currently active at the Italian-French border. Living in the mountainside under olive trees surrounded by mosquitos, Kesha Niya works in the contrasting border area around Ventimiglia.
Tabya and Dima took some time to talk about the border situation, the area, the collective and their experiences.
No Border – No Problem. Links and Tracklist on our Website

27/06/2021 – Frage der Solidarität & BAD NEWS #46

Die Sendung besteht aus 2 Teilen. Der erste Teil ist eine Kritik oder Frage der Solidarität im aktuellen Verfahren um den RAZ/RL/radikal Komplex von Criminals for Freedom.Der zweite Teil ist die aktuelle Ausgabe der BAD NEWS:
Greetings comrades to this, the 46th mostly monthly episode of Bad News, Angry Voices from Around the World.
This month, you’ll hear updates from Free Social Radio 1431 AM in Thessaloniki, Greece speaking on The trial of the anarchist Vaggelis Stathopoulos. the recent labor bill and the new obligatory shared custody law.
Next, you’ll hear an interview by A-Radio Berlin with comrades of Horn Anarchists on the situation in Ethiopia and war on the people of Tigray.
Followed by RadioZones of Subversive Expression in Athens sharing news of demonstrations against sexual harassment on public transit, changes in policy of public servants witnessing in court against members of the population, and struggles against the greenwashing of dispossession and infrastructure projects in Agrafa.
Finally, the lovelies at Frequenz-A share a longer interview sharing the perspectives of a student in Colombia about the current fracas against police, austerity, covid and for radical change.

16/08/2020 – Interview with an Anarchist from Belarus about the Prostests in Belarus

Für diese Sendung haben wir ein Interview von der Elephant in the Room Radiosendung über die Proteste in Belarus übernommen. Es geht viel um die Hintergründe warum es zu diesen Protesten kam, die Entwicklungen der letzten Jahre und auch eine kurze Analyse der Proteste aus anarchistische Perspektive.
Hier findet ihr ein weiteres Interview in schriftlicher Form, welches es nicht in die Sendung geschafft hat: https://de.crimethinc.com/2020/08/12/belarus-anarchistinnen-im-aufstand-gegen-die-diktatur-ein-interview
Das Interview in der Radiosendung ist auf Englisch.
Viel Spass beim Hören!